Koolsupply Outdoor Blanket

Special Announcement: 


Thank you for your support on our outdoor blanket. We gain the honor of #1 New Release in Camping Blanket at Amazon.com! We will keep on providing excellent products and service to you! Thank you.

(Aug 2015)



Multi-functional: Perfect for picnics, beaches, camping, outdoor concerts, enjoy a relax afternoon in the park, outings, sporting events or play time at home.


Durable: With Water Resistant Top (Polyester) & Waterproof Bottom (PVC), our blanket is durable and suitable for any outdoor/ indoor activities.


Easy to Clean and Carry: Simply shake off the sand on top easily or brush it off easily with brush, grass or stain can be wiped off with water and soap easily. Fold to compact size for easy storage and carry.


Size for Folded: 8"x12", Open: 56"x70"


Model#: SMPC01

UPC: 637632741713

Large Size 56" x 70"

Easy to Store

Easy to Clean


Water Resistance


Water Proof

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